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Meet Lily


Maggie Deklerk has a 25-year career working in Developmental Services and Education with people of all ages and abilities.  She has a passion to connect with others in a relational way and make a difference in the lives of the people she encounters.  The area of the most stress for families is the area that Maggie would like to come alongside and help, to educate families and offer support in their area of need. Having worked in the Peterborough area during her previous work history, Maggie is well connected to her community.


Having a child on the Spectrum has allowed Maggie some "lived and learned experience" of supporting someone with Autism. Maggie believes in building people up to achieve their dreams, developing their skills, and encouraging them to belong in their communities. 

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"Maggie is very attentive to our needs and our challenges. She executed our action plan and completed the tasks on time and efficiently. Working as an Independent Facilitator
is her passion!"

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"Maggie DeKlerk is willing to learn. And to do things our way; my way; our daughter’s way... I believe Maggie will be there to make sure the reins never get dropped—that they are just passed smoothly along, in a way that ensures our daughter lives even more fully into her best life."

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